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Dated: 11/01/2016

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Is it safe to say that now!?  Today finally feels like fall in Rio Rancho and it got me thinking that as homeowners we need to do a couple things to prepare for fall/winter.  Get your pumpkin spice latte and get busy!

Clean Gutters - All those leaves that are beginning to fall will need to be cleaned out of the gutters along with the debris that has collected over the year to prepare for the upcoming wet weather.  Leaving a mess in the gutters can cause blockages which can cause damage.

Clean roof/yard - Remove leaves from the roof and yard.  Decaying leaves can create an environment where moisture resides.  Moisture = bacteria and mold which can kill your yard and damage your roof.

Repair Roof Damage - Get up on that roof and inspect it.  Repair anything you see that would allow moisture to penetrate.  Take care of it now before it becomes a costly repair.

Heater Maintenance - Clean / replace filters and have a local HVAC tech come and service your heater BEFORE you need it!  Replacing filters regularly will extend the life of your furnace exponentially.

Replace weatherstripping - Check all of your exterior doors weatherstripping and replace worn pieces.  

Check Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms - Be sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order.  

Clean Chimney - Whether you have a wood burning fireplace, gas fireplace or a wood burning stove, get that chimney inspected and cleaned.  Dangers lurk where you can't see them.

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